The Right to Be...

Today I attended one of the most important events I've been to as a woman and I am still invigorated hours later from the energy, love and unity shown by everyone who walked and supported the attendees today.

The walk had started at Global Platform and the crowd made their way up to Munali Roundabout and walked back down. I was late to the party, I took a brisk walk up the filter lane in order to catch them on their way back, which did. I was met with a lot of familiar faces and even more unfamiliar ones all chanting and singing in unison tirelessly. Two policewomen led the group and controlled traffic to allow the march to go walk unhindered and two more flanked the rear. Some drivers hooted in encouragement as the passed and the crowd cheered back. The main topics of the march were: 1. Ending period poverty by making pads and tampons tax free, 2. More significant action against rape and rape culture, 3. Inclusive education, 3. Sexual and reproductive health rights, 4. healthcare for all women, 5. Worker's rights, and 6. disabled women's rights.

Below are the shots I took while repeatedly running ahead, stopping to take a shot, running again and taking another series of shots.