I've always been fascinated with dark themed images. They spark my imagination more than other categories and I felt a huge inspiration to find a way to bring my thoughts to life.

This project came as a combined idea from two occurrences that happened a couple of months from each other.

During a walk in the Lusaka Museum, I and a friend came across the witchcraft section. It had a few interesting objects with even more interesting uses, and my eyes fell on a crudely made humanoid figure called 'nyakazi'. Its description narrated that this doll caused car accidents when left on the side of a road. That was about it. I wish there had been more of a backstory, as to whether these were infused with a spirit or essence and what the point of causing the accidents were.

A few months later, I was watching one of my favorite animations Coraline, which also features a form of a voodoo doll. Hallowe'en was coming up, and my brain started putting a theme together.

I downloaded a few photos as inspiration, put out a notice on Twitter asking for a model and created a simple doll out of an old pillow case and gave her buttons as eyes, inspired by Coraline.

The story of the shoot is that this girl has been led away by a doll that calls her into a forest. Upon finding the doll, she is instantly bound to it and cannot return home for the rest of her life. And then the doll will look for another host. I added a mirror as another element of losing oneself to another plane of existence.